Brief History

Lotus Club was founded on 15th of July 1931 by Mrs. Gertrude Bristow,  wife of Sir Robert Bristow, a British harbour engineer and representative of the British Government who was entrusted with the task of developing a modern port at Cochin.

The history of Lotus Club dates back to British Colonial era. A time when all the clubs in the country were exclusive to the British and were referred as "English Clubs". No Indian was allowed entry to these clubs. However, the Bristows were denied permission to Cochin Club because Lady Gertrude was not English born! Undaunted, Lady Gertrude with the cooperation of some prominent families of Cochin, got a suitable piece of land assigned by the Maharajah of Cochin to start a club.

The Club was formed as a social venue for people from the East and the West, a haven for those who found happiness in each others company. One of the primary objectives of the club is to do humanitarian work among the poor and deprived. The genesis of this idea was in the "Parvathy Saroj Samathy", a social service league founded by eminent citizens of Cochin.

The club is the first non-white-exclusive club in the State.

In the early days of its life, Lotus Club was a venue which witnessed many public debates on various contemporary social, scientific and political issues which was well attended by prominent citizens. The first club night was held on 9th September 1932 in the august presence of H H The Maharaja of Cochin.

Aims & Objectives

To promote social life by providing a common ground for men, women and children of all communities to meet and foster a spirit of goodwill and fellowship. 

To do social, charitable and humanitarian work.

To promote sports, games and cultural activities among the Members and their children.